Farmville 2 Free Speed Grow Pack

Speed-Grow instantly finishes growth time of a crop or a tree so you
don’t have to wait for hours to harvest them. To instantly ready a grove
for harvesting requires up to 4 Speed-Grow.

We want to gift you with some Speed Grow  Links, remembers that these
links come from other Accounts and not are Zynga Rewards so only faster
users can get them.
Click on the images below to obtain them!

By using Speed-Grow,
you can get crops to a higher mastery level more quickly.
Note that
certain crops (usually fast crops like Radish or Rye) require over 4,000
seeds to be harvested before you are granted a blue, or even a red
How do you get it? You can loot 1 Speed-Grow while
gathering Fertilizer from a Fertilizer Bin. The chance to get one this
way is 25%.
Some quests grant you Speed-Grow.
Like all consumables, you can also buy Speed Grow for Farm Bucks Farm Bucks. Prices for each pack is shown below:
Click on the images below to obtain them! ^_^










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