Farmville 2 Free Super Feed Pack


Super FeedSuper Feed, sometimes called “Speed Feed,” instantly re-feeds your animal so the player does not have to wait to feed them again. Using one Super Feed instantly feeds the animal the equivalent of three times, and the player will obtain three times the animal products instantly. No normal feed is used. This can also be used as a method to Prize an animal quickly.
How To Obtain Superfeed

Super Feed menu, which pops up after you use the Feed Mill.
After a certain level, the Feed Mill will be upgraded to produce Super Feed from Feed Feed that the player already has on hand:
1 Super Feed = 80 Feed Feed
3 Super Feed = 240 Feed Feed
5 Super Feed = 400 Feed Feed
After making Super Feed from the Feed Mill, the player must wait for 24 hours to do it again.
Whenever the player receives a ribbon for any kind of animal, Marie will show up and reward them with Super Feed. The higher the ribbon, the more Super Feed she will reward players with.
Some quests give Super Feed as a reward.
Players can buy Speed Feed directly by using Farm Bucks Farm Bucks.

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