Play it Cool! 06/27/2017

Summer is finally here! But it’s so hot outside that the farmers in the county are getting really tired by mid-afternoon! That’s why Cornelius and Barbara have come to you for help! Barb asks you to build a Refresh Baron your farm so that friends can cool off. They’ll give you Thank You Baskets for all the refreshments you provide! What’s more, you can also get a baby Holstein Mini Cow!

If you are level 15 or higher, the “Play it Cool!” popup will appear. Click on the “Build Refresh Bar!” button to begin this feature.

Play it Cool! - FarmVille 2

The first step in building the bar is to collect all the materials you need.


The next step is to ask your friends for help or you can hire builders.


The finished Refresh Bar, which is automatically placed outside your farm, will look like this:


Click on the vehicle to view the menu and start collecting Thank You Baskets. There are three items that you need to craft in the Refresh Bar: Summer Hat, Blueberry Surprise Mocktail, and Icy Cool Towel. Take note that each item gives out a different number of Thank You Baskets.


To start crafting, simply click on the “Make” button.


In need of materials so you can craft? Don’t worry! You can always get them by posting for help, calling your Co-op, or buying the materials using Farm Bucks.


After you’ve crafted the item, ask a friend to visit your Refresh Bar by clicking on the “Invite” button.


Once your friend responded to your invite, you will get Thank You Baskets that you can share.


Keep track of all the Thank You Baskets you’ve collected by checking the counter in the lower left portion of the menu.


You start getting rewards when you reach certain milestones. The green checkmark will show your progress.


5 Thank You Baskets = 1 Summer Respite Pump

20 Thank You Baskets = 1 Cool Breeze Swing

35 Thank You Baskets = 2 American Larch Trees

55 Thank You Baskets = 5 Summertime Fences

75 Thank You Baskets = 1 baby Holstein Mini Cow

Claim your milestone prize by clicking on the “Collect Reward!” button.


Now, this is definitely a cool way to beat the heat wave!

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