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Troubleshooting steps for web browsers

If you experience a loading or connection issue, a good rule of thumb is to try refreshing the page once or twice. If refreshing does not result in your game loading properly, try the following troubleshooting measures: Use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox as your default browser Share PostTwitterFacebookGoogle +1Email

Play it Cool! 06/27/2017

Summer is finally here! But it’s so hot outside that the farmers in the county are getting really tired by mid-afternoon! That’s why Cornelius and Barbara have come to you for help! Barb asks you to build a Refresh Baron your farm so that friends can cool off. They’ll give you Thank You Baskets for

Nook No Further! 06/20/2017

Phew, what a hectic season we’ve had! You’ve been working so hard that you’re hardly ever indoors. But now that it’s getting hotter, you need a way to cool off. How? Marie’s going to help you make a nice little nook for yourself on your farm! This is a place where you can relax and

Survival of The Smartest! 14/06/2017

Have you noticed that Percy is feeling a little down lately? He’s not his usual bubbly self and he doesn’t even want to go on the Sprouts’ camping trip! The poor lad still hasn’t gotten over the Mount Leghorn incident and Walter thinks he knows how to help him conquer his fears. Walter wants to